Guide For Plastic Surgery

There are more people today getting plastic surgery than ever before. With the wide range of availability of qualified surgeons along with the great prices and specials available, more and more people are finding themselves seriously considering plastic surgery. To elect to have a procedure done certainly does not mean there is something wrong with the way you look now, it is simply a convenient way to enhance your radiance.

Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

Some of the more popular types of plastic surgery include breast implants or breast reductions, this is of course based on your body size and type and what you will feel comfortable with. It is true that many women have breast implants to complement their body and to boost their self esteem, but it is also true that there are many women who want the exact opposite. Some women are born with such large breasts that it affects them physically in a negative way such as back problems from the added weight, and unwanted sagging that naturally comes along with being born with extremely large breasts. Other popular types of plastic surgery include: tummy tucks, breast lifts, liposuction, many people are having Botox injections, laser hair removal, rhinoplasty, Face-lifts, hair transplantation, and so many more. It is solely up to the individual what procedure, or procedures they feel they need and are comfortable with. The final decision lies solely with the individual.

Reconstructive Surgery

Not all plastic surgery is cosmetic. Many procedures performed are reconstructive surgery to correct something that happened as a result of an accident, a birth defect, cancer, and more. The difference between these two types of surgery is that when cosmetic plastic surgery is done it is done because the person wants to make themselves more aesthetically pleasing. Whereas when plastic surgery is done as a reconstructive procedure it still has an aesthetic presence to it, but it is not an augmentation of something the person already has. It is done to try to put back the person’s appearance as it was, or should have been, before whatever tragedy occurred whether it be a birth defect, a traumatic accident such as a car accident or animal attack, or repercussions from a disease such as breast cancer.

Are You a Candidate for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery?

A question that must be addressed for anyone entertaining the thought of undergoing plastic surgery is if you are a good candidate for it. If the thought of having bigger breasts, or a straighter nose sounds appealing to you but you are not quite sure if it is something you want to do then you are probably not the ideal candidate for plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is a life long commitment, and before you enter into this irreversible commitment you need to have absolutely zero doubts about what you are about to do. This is not something to be taken lightly. Having any procedure done is going to be something you are going to have to live with for the rest of your life.

Plastic surgery can be a wonderful thing for someone who has made up their mind that without a doubt this is what they want. . The very best way for a person to determine if they are an ideal candidate for plastic surgery is to set up a consultation with a surgeon in your area and discuss your wants and fears with them. Statistically over ten million Americans had plastic surgery of some form in 2010. Know that you are not alone, just make sure you do your research first and have realistic expectations.


Depending on the type of procedure you choose to have done is going to affect your recovery time. Simply remember when you schedule for your surgery that it is not going to be just a one day event. You must allow adequate time for recovery to avoid the risk of infection. You must also take into account that before you look better you are going to look worse. There is swelling and inflammation that comes along with any kind of surgery whether it be for plastic surgery or reparative surgery. It is completely absurd to think you are going to walk in that morning to have your procedure and go out that evening to show off the new and improved you. It simply does not work that way. There is going to be healing time that you have to account for. Taking one or two days off work to have your procedure isn’t realistic. Sometimes it can take weeks to fully recover to take on the tasks that you once performed. This is another thing to be considered prior to surgery. Your doctor can give you more specific details on recovery time based on what procedure you are having performed.